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  • Our Products

    We developed our own MDF/HDF line by digesting mature technology from outside. We use international famous brand electirc components and hydraulic components in our MDF/HDF line. The capacity of our MDF/HDF ranges from 130cbm/d to 350cbm/d. The MDF/HDF boards with density from 650kg/m3 to 880kg/m3 are made of wood fibers or plant fibers which are glued and pressed under temperature and pressure. It has fine surface and uniform core layer. The face and edge can be deeply processed. As a repalcement for precious solid wood, the MDF/HDF boards are widely used in furniture industry. The MDF/HDF line consists of chips preparation section, fiber preparation section, drying section, glue dosing section, forming section, hot press section, masterboard handling section, sanding section, etc.

    Technical parameters(download)

    Strategic Business Unit for Power Equipment Tel:010-84898750
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