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    Release time:2018-02-07 Reading times: A+AA-

    Recently Sinomach has announced the decision to grant the 2017 "Sinomach Quality Award" for Enterprises to Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Group Corporation.

    The "Sinomach Quality Award" for Enterprises is a top quality award. With the vision of "building an internationally advanced machinery and equipment manufacturer", Linhai has integrated ISO9001 quality management with GB/T19580 performance excellence management, upheld the quality management concept of continuous improvement, established a quality-based business strategy and corporate culture, and led the industry in quality, innovation, brand influence and benefit.

    With the winning of the "Sinomach Quality Award" for Enterprises as an opportunity, we will bear our mission in mind, uphold the craftsmanship's spirit, persistently pursue excellence, improve quality through management and technology innovation, and make new greater contributions to corporate development.

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