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    Recently Sinomach has announced the decision to grant the Third Prize of 2017 Sinomach Science & Technology Award to Suzhou Sufoma Machinery Co., Ltd.

    With superior performance, particle board has become a key board in the wood-based panel industry. With the release of the national policies of energy conservation and consumption reduction, restricting and eliminating backward capacity has become a general trend, original common particle board lines have been unable to meet the requirements of market competition, manufacturers are facing new-round transformation and upgrading, multilayer pressed particle board lines must develop in the direction of larger capacity. To expand single-line capacity, improve the quality of manufactured board, reduce energy and material consumption, and improve resource utilization efficiency, quality stability and operation reliability, Sufoma has comprehensively renovated the process of multilayer pressed particle board lines, key single machines, control technologies and other items. Particularly, the innovative development of forming, pre-pressing and installation technologies has broken the bottleneck of capacity and improved resource utilization efficiency. The project has achieved a new high in technical development and a significant breakthrough in key equipment technologies, been up to leading standards in terms of key technical-economic indicators, created good economic benefit for the company and customers, become a new growth point of the company, and been of great significance to improving the overall level of China's wood-based panel industry and promoting the sustainable development of the industry.

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