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          On April 16, ZhongFoma New EX Refiner Promotion Conference took place in Wenan, Langfang City, Hebei Province. Including vice President of China Foma (Group) Co., Ltd. Yue Qunfei, relative industry experts, industry renowned and leaders of more than 40 wood-based panel manufacturers, totally more than 120 persons attended the conference.

      Zou Ligang, Chairman and General Manager of Zhengjiang ZhongFoma Machinery Co., Ltd. (ZhongFoma) addressed the promotion conference. Shen Jintao, Chief Engineer of ZhongFoma made a keynote presentation, introducing the improvement in the layout of new EX refiner system, structure rigidity improvement, pulping clearance control, how to produce quality fiber, as well as its features and advantages in such aspects as electric control and protection. The customer representatives spoke highly of the design concept, stability and superiority of EX refiner.

      After the conference, ZhongFoma invited all the attendees to the production site of Zhenyu Wood Industry Co., Ltd. to see its equipment, demonstrated the operation of 48EX defibration system, and earned unanimous praise from the customers.

      he promotion showed ZhongFoma's orientation of defibration system development, as well as its efforts and contributions in product system development and import equipment substitution. Several customers inquired about the details of EX defibration system, and an intent-based sales contract for 58in refiner was signed on the spot.

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