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    Based mainly on Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and Linhai Stock Co., Ltd., FOMA possesses 1 national certified technical center and 1 national level post-doctoral scientific workstation. Its main products are ATV, UTV related special vehicles, tractors, motorcycles, motorcycle engines and electric vehicles, all-purpose gasoline engines, small gasoline generating sets, pump, gasoline chain saws, wind fire-extinguishers, brush breakers and small power support machines (including forestry machinery, gardening machinery, firefighting machinery, etc.) and new energy automobiles. The products are at a relatively high level in terms of quality, and certified as "National User Satisfactory Product" by Chinese Quality Association User Committee; some of its products have passed Europe EEC authentication, CE authentication and American EPA and CARB authentication; the products are sold all over China and overseas.


    New energy car
    • New energy car

    • Power Machinery and Engineering

    • Motorcycle and motorcycle engine

    • Special vehicle

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